Waiting For The Sunrise (2018)



1. I Just Found Out About Love

2. Some of These Days

3. Tarde

4. After You've Gone

5. September In The Rain

6. The Nearness Of You

7. Easy To Love 

8. I'm On Your Side 

9. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise

10. If You Love Me (Really Love Me)

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Camille Thurman, Tenor Saxophone & Vocals 

Jeremy Pelt, Trumpet

Jack Wilkins, Guitar 

Cecil McBee, Bass

Steve Williams, Drums

Cherokee - Camille Thurman
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Inside The Moment: 

Live at Rockwood Music Hall (2017)



1. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

2. Sassy's Blues

3. Road Song

4. Detour Ahead

5. Nefertiti

6. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing

7. Cherokee

for an autographed copy:

Camille Thurman, Tenor Saxophone & Vocals 

Mark Whitfiled, Guitar 

Ben Allison, Bass

Billy Drummond, Drums

Origins - Camille Thurman
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Origins (2014)


1. Forward Motion

2. A Change of Mind

3. Indigo Moments

4. Origins

5. The Dreamweaverer

6. Anna’s Joy

7. In Due Time

8. Kindred Minds

9. Felix’s Groove

10. Jitterbug Waltz

11. Pursuit With A Purpose

12. Please Be Kind

13. Revisiting The Past

for an autographed copy:

Camille Thurman, Tenorr Saxophone, Vocals & Flute

Luis Perdomo, Piano / Enoch Smith Jr, Piano

Corcoran Holt, Bass

Rudy Royston, Drums / Shirazette Tinnin, Drums & Cajon

Brandee Younger, Harp


Beautiful Life

Dianne Reeves

(Concord Records 2014)

2015 Grammy Winning Album


Mimi Jones

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Purity of My Soul

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Shamie Royston

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 Let Go

Rachel Eckroth